Verna M Lisa   - Self Empowerment Coach

Kristine Daub-Brown "Luv Verna M Lisa!!! Her "Readings" have such a positive atmosphere, there is nothing to be scared of.  There will prolly be tears ... But tears of joy....I always leave the session feeling relaxed and also learn something new every time!"

Marie A Milia "Verna Lisa is like having our own Long Island Medium but better and she is right here in Berks County. She was "spot on" with her readings."

Shannon Young "Verna makes you feel at home. Having a reading, counseling or anything in between has always been a great experience. She's always been "on" for me with reading and counseling so highly recommend any of her services. "

Eve Miller Beck "When I went to Verna it wasn't for me. It was for my mother. She had lost a brother within the last few years and was torn up about it. You see, her brother had stopped speaking to the family twenty years ago and no one knew why. We tried to find him on several occasions but he hid himself well. When he was dying, a friend of his tried to get him to make amends with his family but he would not. My mother needed closure but I didn't think she could emotionally handle being at the reading. I tape recorded it for her so she could listen when she was ready.
When I eventually played the tape for my mother, nearly everything Verna said was "spot on". My mother now has closure, as my uncle did come through during the reading. My mom had tried therapy, other psychics, talking to her religious leaders and she has said that my reading with Verna is what gave her closure. As she listened to the tape, I could see her healing. Verna really is amazing and her gift has helped my mother more than she'll ever know."

Angelica Bosch  "I would like to begin by saying that Verna is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Her love and respect for everyone and genuine concern and caring nature is apparent in everything she says and does. God giving her this gift and her willingess to share it with myself and my family and friends is truly another blessing God has sent my way and I am very grateful for that. If anyone is apprehensive about opening up to this very emotional and spiritual journey my advice to you is, you could not pick a better person to help guide you through your experience. Do not let fear of the unknown prevent you from emotional and spiritual growth and healing. Go forward with an open heart, an open mind, plenty of questions, and a hint of skepticism and after your experience you will not be left disappointed!"

Greg Pijar  "An amazing reading right out of the gate. Immediately connected and had a lot of essential information. Thanks!"

Savannah Harper  "I echo everything said here. After my reading the other day, I've felt "lighter" and can't explain why! I love you Verna!"

Teresa Watts Runkle  "Verna was absolutely amazing. This was the first time that I've ever been read, and it certainly won't be the last. I had the privilege of having a reading with two of my friends, and not only was I impressed by Verna's gift, but her genuineness, her sense of humor, and her compassion. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, and I'm looking forward to another "family reunion" in the near future. If you are "on the fence"/not sure that you want to do this...TRUST a reading. If you are already a "believer", this will validate that what you believe is true. If you are not, you soon will be : ) Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us"♥

Peggy Boyle Averill  "I had a reading done a few years back with Verna. It was the first time I had a reading such as this, with a Spiritual connection to those who have passed as well as those I am connected to in life. 
Gentle and compassionate advice and reminders were what I took from it as well as a very calm and peaceful feeling".

Tija Hilton-Phillips  "People are often suspicious that people who hold themselves out to be "psychics" or "mediums" research the people they read on the internet first or have plants in the audience. When I had my first reading with Verna, she and I had seen each other before but she did not know anything about me and I knew very little about her except that she came highly recommended by a friend. By the middle of the reading, I was a true believer. She was 100% accurate about me and my family. In addition to her amazing gift, she is truly a very loving and gentle soul. So, if this is you are considering your first or one hundredth reading of this kind, I highly recommend her. Blessings"!

Kevin G:   "
Verna is a kind, loving compassionate soul who truly has the unique gifts to explore the deep wells of fears, challenges , insecurities we all have and brings them to the surface for us to face and gives actionable strategies that bring results. She is a true gift to the planet. I have read a lot of books over the years - I will tell you I devoured her book "the happy medium". Invest in your body , mind and soul - let Verna teach you her masterful ways to bring out your masterpiece. "

Vanessa S:   "I have known Verna for over 5 years.  She has been a great friend and a wonderful coach. I consider her to be a personal mentor.   I have always worked hard on learning more about myself and growing as a person.  But sometimes we as individuals cannot figure it all out on our own.  Sometimes we need a great coach to help us understand what we cannot see.  Verna possess that gift.  The precious gift to uncover the hidden truth about oneself.  She helps you understand what it is you need to learn or “see” at any specific time in order to grow or move past a difficult situation.    I could always turn to Verna when I felt stuck or just couldn’t seem to figure out what was holding me back.  Every time I have talked to her she has shed light on something that has helped me grow in so many ways.  I have tried other great coaches/ therapists but have not received the results I have with Verna.  I can say whole heartedly that I have built such a loving and trusting relationship with her; I wouldn’t go to anyone else."
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