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Please note:

If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice two consecutive times, you will be billed for a session. In addition, no refunds are issued for clients who choose to discontinue services prior to completion of their pre-paid sessions. At the discretion of Verna M Lisa clients may be offered credit however that credit would expire as determined by Verna M Lisa.

Hypnosis and NLP:  Both of these therapeutic methods are highly effective in helping people: reduce anxiety, overcome fears, manage depression, reduce stress, lose weight, heal post-traumatic stress, sleep better, perform more effectively, enhance memory, stop smoking , reduce or eliminate emotional and physical pain, increase overall wellness, manage/ control habits, reduce shyness, enhance motivation, increase , manage life changes, process grief, increase positive thinking and more… 
I also offer hypnotic regression which includes past life regression. 

A consultation is required for all hypnosis clients, which includes a consultative meeting and the development of a customized protocol.  

of the consultation is $150.00 (Which includes a complete assessment and customized protocol. There is no hypnosis done at the consultation.) 
Hypnosis sessions are $125.00 for the first hour, $75.00 for subsequent hours. Follow-up rate is $85/hr. (Includes a CD or an audio file of your session will be emailed to you)
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Intuitive Life Coaching Packages
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I have been working with Verna for approximately a year now and words cannot express how thankful I am to have met her. Verna is an incredibly gentle, yet powerful woman. She has been inspiring for me in my healing journey. 

Through her intuitive work, I have been able to heal aspects of my life that I have been unable reach in the past. I came to her with a specific goal and she has helped me surpass my goal far greater than I could have imagined. 

Verna has so many amazing gifts to offer, but I am most grateful for the safe and healing space she is able to hold for me to find my true self. Thank you. 
Kristen M. 

"Verna is a kind, loving compassionate soul who truly has the unique gifts to explore the deep wells of fears,  insecurities we all have and brings them to the surface for us to face and gives actionable strategies that bring results. She is a true gift to the planet. I have read a lot of books over the years - I will tell you I devoured her book "the happy medium". Invest in - let Verna teach you her masterful ways to bring out your masterpiece. "
Kevin G.

"I have known Verna for over 5 years.  She has been a great friend and a wonderful coach. I consider her to be a personal mentor.   I have always worked hard on learning more about myself and growing as a person.  But sometimes we as individuals cannot figure it all out on our own.  Sometimes we need a great coach to help us understand what we cannot see.  gift.  The precious gift to uncover the hidden truth about oneself.  She helps you understand what it is you need to learn or “see” at any specific time in order to grow or move past a difficult situation.    I could always turn to Verna when I felt stuck or just couldn’t seem to figure out what was holding me back.  Every time I have talked to her she has shed light on something that has helped me grow in so many ways.  I have tried other great coaches/ therapists but have not received the results I have with Verna.  I can say  that I have built such a loving and trusting relationship with her; I wouldn’t go to anyone else."
Vanessa S.

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