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If you have never experienced one of Verna's events you are missing out!! She will bring a smile to your face and heart. Her humor and passion for helping people heal combined with her spiritual gifts will leave you feeling happy, enlightened and comforted. Past participants have said their lives were forever impacted.   


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The Layers
Personal Development Seminar
Lehigh Carbon Community College 
10/5, 10/6 and 10/7/2018 

The Layers is a series of personal development workshops focusing on releasing your most authentic self from the layers of pain, negative experiences, limiting beliefs, labels and conditioning that keep you stuck and living inauthentically. The October workshop will focus on teaching you how to free your most authentic self and why you can't afford not to! You will learn how to unapologetically stand in your truth which will free you to live a much happier and more fulfilled life. You will leave this experience with a strong sense of self and clarity and new found motivation to move forward and achieve healing and fulfillment of life long goals! If you are ready to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, sign yourself up for this incredible experience. 

Personal Development Seminar - Two Day Course Overview

Friday Evening-
VIP cocktail party. 

Day One - Morning
Why do we keep finding ourselves in the same situations and in the same types of relationships?
Discover why we do what we do!! You will not only develop more compassion for yourself and others, you will learn how to break bad habits and self sabotaging behaviors and how to stop taking things so personally. 
Live coaching on this topic
Guest speaker Jayson Schmehl

Day One - Afternoon
Buckle down because we are diving in and confronting fear head on. How we choose and create our own suffering with added meaning and skewed perspective. 

Day One - Evening
Continuing to confront fear. The evening will be filled with live coaching and exercises that are designed to have you never look at life the same again. We will end the evening with a powerful visualization you won't want to miss. 

VIP Dinner & Meet & Greet

Day Two - Morning
Tackling distractions, procrastination and achievement of goals! 

Day Two - Afternoon
Guest speaker David Nazario
Live coaching/question and answer

Introduction to effective communication.
Learn how to hear AND be heard. 
The evening will end with a beautiful visualization. 

VIP and General Admission seating available:

VIP : $575.00
Friday evening VIP registration and Cocktail party
Gift Bag
Preferred seating 
Lunch and dinner
Break time chair massages
Meet and Greet with Verna M Lisa
Course workbook

General Admission: $375.00\General admission seating
Course workbook

The seminar is appropriate for ages 8 and up however for the Monday evening visualization all children 15 and under will be taken elsewhere for a separate exercise due to the intensity of the visualization. 

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Enter promo code: iamfree (for gen adm)

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